About Reclinica Corp

Reclinica is a boutique clinical research organization supporting companies and brands within the dietary supplement, food & beverage, cosmetic, and homeopathic industries. Reclinica Corp a joint venture between REJIMUS, INC. and RDC Clinical Pty Ltd.

At Reclinica we strongly believe in evidence-based medicine and research. Our passion is supporting cutting edge research of innovative ingredients and products that have the potential to offer a real tangible benefits and safety to the end-consumers and humanity.

While we are an American-based business located in Santa Ana, California, our clients are located around the world bringing products and ingredients to the US market. Clinical research operations are executed in the US and Australia, and adhere to robust clinical trial framework with the world’s highest standards, making our offerings very attractive for sponsors seeking high-quality clinical trials performed right the first time.

Reclincia trials are conducted in compliance with the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines. Trials are additionally approved by a human ethics committee, which thoroughly examines all aspects of the trial’s design, protocol, and safety before the trial is given the approval to commence. Compliance standards are maintained to ensure integrity of company intellectual, volunteer privacy and study results.